The Quantum Group is a conglomerate of companies (divisions & sub divisions), each of them lead by industry specific experts from within the family. The Group is chaired by Mr. Samir H. Sajwani one of the leading EMIRATI entrepreneurs with a family business history in the UAE going back generations.

The group companies are Quantum Star Lighting, Quantum Concepts, Eclipse Electricals, Delmon (Elevator Division) & Waterscapes (Landscaping & Pools) The Group was formed in 2004 with a retail & project sales division catering the design industry with high end designer electrical products. Market demand and successful ventures one after the other lead to the formation of the Interiors, Landscaping & Elevator divisions.


To consistently deliver world class finishes in our design concepts, execute & complete all projects in such a way to create an ambience that will echo the desires of our clients’ hearts and to bring to life their life style in harmony with nature.


To become the leader of innovative products and state of the art execution

To work in accordance with the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.

To become the client’s first choice always by using the finest materials and creating an outstanding workmanship in execution.

To work to our fullest to satisfy the desires and needs of the clients and provide them with world class products & quality.

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chairman's message

Welcome to Quantum Group.

The year 2015 has been a shaky year, with various economies being plagued with crises, sluggish performances and forecasts and an occasionally underperforming market.

However, I am proud to say that Quantum has coped with the bleak conditions very well as it grows stronger from its very core. As the organization develops, the Group is designed to follow a fluid structure that allows swift adjustments sensitive to the surrounding conditions and internal requirements.

This year has seen Quantum put that fluidity and environmental sensitivity to action. We have excelled in our operational efficiencies, our ever-present goal of consolidation for better productivity, and our success in stringent cost control. All the various detailed adjustments have been in tune with our grand strategic plan that has been in implementation since the year 2009.

Lastly, though the world seems unsteady on its feet, the Middle East, and most specifically the GCC region, is one of the few regional economies that seem to heedlessly prosper and flourish with flying colors. Our belief in this region is not only represented as being our foundational home for Quantum, but has also been strengthened with our success, upcoming strategy and growth plans.

Looking into the future, the economy looks just as erratic as it has been in the past year, but our region provides great promise for 2016. We wish our peers in the industry and ourselves the very best for an upcoming year of prosperity in 2016.

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